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Shels.net is the home of a number of websites. We design and develop small and large websites, with an emphasis on clean, easy to use, standards-compliant websites. Ensuring that our websites are compliant with the relevant World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards means that your site will display well in all browsers, presenting a professional, clean and easily navigable website no matter what web browser the client has chosen to use. At a time when more and more computer users are choosing to switch from Internet Explorer to other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, this could easily make the difference between a client choosing between your company and a competitor.

We also offer virtual domain hosting for your website along with email addresses and mailing lists. Our servers run the rock-solid NetBSD operating system, which helps us keep maximum uptime so we can give your website the best possible exposure.

Standards Compliance
Many websites may look great and work well Internet Explorer when JavaScript is enabled, but behave badly in other web browsers, having all sort of display and navigational problems. This is an increasing issue for many webmasters with the increasing popularity of alternate web browsers such as Mozilla's FireFox and Apple's Safari. We test that our websites work correctly with most of web browsers, ensuring that al viewers will have a good experience of your company or organisation no matter what web browser they happen to be using. This doesn't require any sacrifice of features on your website - if a web browser doesn't support a specific feature, a webpage can provide an alternate method of conveying the required information or navigational elements whilst still looking great.

We support the Any Browser campaign which encourages websites

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